Snacks&Breakfast at home: the post pandemic future of coffee, cakes, snacks, jams, etc


The pandemic has changed our food habits and many Italians have rediscovered home breakfast. What is the consumers' new approach to coffee, biscuits, snacks, etc?

Ended event


FIRST SESSION: Opening remarks by GDO News
Gabriele Conigliaro, Responsabile Area Nord - Istituto Piepoli
Daniela Tazzer, IRI Client Service Senior Manager – IRI
Gianluca Basilari, Category Manager Prima Colazione - Il Gigante
Marco Fenili, General Manager - Balconi Spa
Simone Cicognola, Commercial And Logistics Director - doc*Roma
Nicoletta Maffini, Direttore Generale - Conapi (Mielizia)
Filippo Bacega, Export Manager – Balocco Spa
Francesco Garufi, Direttore Commerciale - Caffe' Borbone Srl
Nino Marino, Commercial Director - Antichi Sapori dell'Etna
SECONDA SESSIONE: Massimo De Santis, Redattore GDO News
Amer J. Al Thamer, Director Of Business Development - Al Hool Al Mulhema Co
Trent Brookshire, Coo - Brookshire Grocery Company
Luca Solari, Ad Commerciale - Covim Caffé
Frank Wilk, Owner - Wilk Gourmet Group
Giulia Caballini, Marketing Manager E Procuratrice Speciale - Dersut Caffe'
Iris Lee, Global Purchase Director - Cofco Food Import
Marco Ciron, Direttore Commerciale - San Giorgio Spa
Zhuravlev Andrey, Import Director - Bahetle
Nicoletta Maffini, Direttore Generale - Conapi (Mielizia)
Giovanni Chiappano, Export Manager Usa/Canada - Vergnano Caffé
Closing remarks by Andrea Meneghini - GDO News

Partners of the initiative