Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2020/2021: Future scenarios for italian and international retail
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an important ingredient of the mediterranean food pattern and over the last 15 years the world consumption has been steadily increasing, mostly due to global tourism and the boom of italian cuisine in the world. The webinar will focus on italian EVO distinctive traits in relation to italian and international retail.
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Tomato based products and ready sauces
The importance of tomato derivatives in the world mass retail market.
Dialogue between industry and Italian and foreign buyers on the future of the category
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Made in Italy frozen food. Outlook and opportunities
The webinar will focus on frozen foods general consumption in the international market and on the various approaches to Made in Italy frozen food products, their appeal and market's expectations.
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Meat: the revenge of proteins. Innovation and sustainability, success drivers for a fast-moving category.
Today, the Italian meat production model is one of the most virtuous in the world: The webinar on November 24 will help better understand the meat producers’ evolution, the retailers’ innovative shelf marketing models, aiming at improving sales thanks to the consumers’ major awareness.
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